From harvesting to grinding

From November to March we harvest by traditional methods, knocking the olives down by the means of a pole (abbacchiatura). The Taggiasca olive matures in stages, therefore we begin the harvest from the less loaded plants in November and December; from January to March we continue with the more loaded plants, which need more time to grow and develop the oily substance inside the drupe itself. In these months, once the growth is complete, the olives are chosen by hand (as our ancestors did) for the brine. On a harvesting day, after having knocked them down, the olives are picked and stored in boxes of about 200 kg that are immediately taken to the farm to be defoliated and carefully washed. At this point they are ready for grinding in our olive oil mill.


The grinding

The olives are crushed during the same day and this is very important for the quality of the oil that is obtained. About 250 kg of olives are put to grind in the double mill to obtain about 50 kg of oil. the grinding takes about 40 minutes and is certainly the most perfumed moment of the production: the olive, grinding under the pressure of heavy stones, releases a unique scent in the environment, difficult to describe in words (and for this reason we invite you to visit the company).

After the grinding phase, always rigorously at low temperature, the crushed pasta is put on discs of cloth called "fiscoli" which are stacked on a cart, ready to be pressed. The process is very slow. Water and oil are released from the pressurized minced mixture; with a simple centrifuge, executed at a controlled temperature below 27°, the watery part is eliminated. From this process the marvellous yellow gold is obtained which springs as if by magic, rigorously cold-grinded. It has a very low acidity and a sweet and delicate taste which characterizes it.


Ready to be savoured

We are in love with a simple and tasty bread and oil. We look forward to welcoming you to enjoy this delicacy with us.

Best regards from the Ardissone family

Giuseppe Naomi Nicolino e Livia