The farm

In our farm we cultivate about 3000 centuries-old plants of the Taggiasca variety, kept to perfection. Given the geographical conformation of the Ligurian hinterland, consisting mainly of terraces, the so-called “fasce”, it is a large quantity. We can certainly pride ourselves on being the first farm in Liguria to have adopted irrigation systems in our fields, a brilliant idea come to dad Nicolino who, in the droughty '80s, sensed that through irrigation we could achieve excellent agricultural results. So irrigation systems were installed and still we continue with this system, achieving significant results for over three decades now.


In late spring, after the harvest of the olives, we devote ourselves to the cultivation of vegetables (peppers, aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes), and then transform them carefully into delicious marinated vegetables, using only our Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil (which is not only a condiment but a quality food as well) to enhance their natural flavors.


If you have the pleasure to visit the oil mill, maintained in stone as tradition demands, to preserve the exceptional taste of the oil produced, the cold-milled must that has always distinguished us, you can visit us from November to March, the olive harvest season, to see for yourself the quality of the product and the work done to obtain a high quality oil.

We will certainly be happy to host you at the time of pressing, the most fascinating phase and rich in scents of the processing of the olive Taggiasca.

You can buy our delicacies directly in our small but cozy shop. We apologize in advance if some products are not available in some months of the year, but to ensure absolute quality, we only process food grown on our farm, such as the wonderful seasonal fruit, carefully selected, processed during the day and transformed into marmalade and jam, maintaining the taste and properties of the freshly picked product. A blend of delicacy and taste, they guarantee the total absence of preservatives and colourings.